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Pourvoirie du lac Moreau, Auberge du Ravage

AN ARRAY OF ACTIVITIES for both winter and summer

Against the magnificent backdrop of nature – dotted with lakes, and mountains all around – the Pourvoirie offers a wide range of diverse activities, accessible to all and close to Québec City!

Speckled trout fishing is the main draw in summer, and hiking and water excursions are another great way to discover this rich, unspoiled wilderness. Such a delight in winter, too, with exceptional snowfall amounts of up to 6 meters. For early risers: Dawn is the time to watch the wildlife… whatever the season.

What’s more, you can travel light: The Pourvoirie has thought of everything!




Deep within the boreal forest

Québec’s forests are teeming with fascinating animal species. Beavers, moose, black bears and a wide variety of birds are all here for you to watch and photograph. During your excursion, our guides will share their knowledge and passion for wildlife with you, and tell you about the boreal forest ecosystem. Just keep your eyes and ears open!

Themes explored

  • Black bear (late May to mid-October)
  • Moose (August to October – optimal in September)
  • Ornithology (May to Thanksgiving)
  • Retracing the trappers’ footsteps (year-round)
  • Mycology (late August, early September)


* Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second weekend in October


Reserve early! The equipment needed for guided excursions is rented out. The earlier you book your activities, the better your chances of finding a guide available.


Wildlife viewing excursions include:

  • A guide escort
  • Exclusive, safe territory – even in hunting season
  • Snack and water bottle


Trapping in North America was an important means of livelihood and trade in the past, especially for the Natives and the first European settlers. This activity is still performed today, on a small scale, by people who respect both nature and the tradition itself.

Relive the adventure of yesteryear as you accompany a trapper along a trapline. You’ll learn about various techniques used centuries ago, and improve your understanding of wild animals’ habits.

A 5-star experience in a forest setting

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